Executive Board

President of the Board of Management

Gregor Stražar, MBA

Member of the Board of Management

Tomaž Rotar

Member of the Board of Management

Stanislav Vrtunski



Executive Director for reinsurance: Andrej Maver

Triglav Group Reinsurance

Director: Gašper Švegl

Non Group Reinsurance

Director: Jerneja Dolničar

Reinsurance Accounts

Director: Nadja Pivk

Finance and Accounting

Director: Maja Omahen Petrič, M.Sc.

Information Technology

Head of IT: Mitja Masten, M.Sc.


Actuarial Services

Head: Milan Stjepanović, M.Sc.

Risk Management

Head: Polona Černilec

Strategic Planning and Controlling


Compliance, Legal Office and Human Resources Department

Head: Tadej Gale

Internal Auditing

Head: Iris Fabijan